Most Small Business Owners Have Cloudy Vision – Yes, That Means You!

I’m not talking about having cataracts, or forgetting to put in your contact lenses, or having dirty eyeglasses.  I’m talking about a problem most small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and independent business professionals don’t even realize is an issue. They can’t even envision what their life would look like if they weren’t doing what they are doing today. Maybe they know they want something more, something different, something better – but they don’t have clarity on what that could possibly be. Or maybe they have an idea of what they want to change – but they don’t even know how to get started. That is having cloudy vision.

At one time, I was coaching a client named Carol who has such a fascinating background. Shehad been a highly successful director in a very large company, but when they closed the office in Arizona, rather than move to their corporate headquarters, she decided to stay put because she loved where she lived. Carol was not stuck in status quo, she was ready willing and able to make a huge change in her life, yet she didn’t know what she wanted for her future. She had cloudy vision.  Before agreeing to work with me to help her gain clarity, she bounced around from one job to another for a few years. In our coaching and mastermind sessions she rediscovered her passion for helping others and decided to start a business that helps the elderly stay in their homes longer by providing non-medical in home services. She even recently has started partnering with a well known driver and ride sharing service to help her clients get around town. She loves her work and her business is doing great, but she regrets spending several years “in limbo” because she had cloudy vision. There are some very straight-forward and fun ways to correct cloudy vision, and I’ll share those in next weeks blog post.

For now, think about and comment on this question: Where would you like to lead your business in the next few years, and what do you know it will take to get there?