Spiritual “Power-Couple” and Visionaries of the New World”

Spiritual “Power-Couple” and Visionaries of the New World”

Over 60 years combined experience leading & Training thousands…

We are George P. Kansas and Tracey Trottenberg Kansas and have been pouring our hearts and souls into the work of conscious communication, feminine and masculine leadership, and spiritual awakening for over 50 years combined. By now you’ve noticed something bold and unique about what we’ve got going on here.

Why? Because, we like to do things differently. There is a ying and yang to all of us, a push and a pull, a masculine and feminine.

There is wisdom in the interplay of these energies, and much to learn from both perspectives, ways of being, and the integration of the two.

George is a recognized intuitive guide to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs for nearly three decades, having shared the marquis with inspirational greats Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Denis Waitley.

Tracey is a feminine-power alchemist who’s coached or trained tens of thousands in the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean, and has shared the stage with luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Les Brown, and Lisa Nichols.

Seasoned Speakers and Best-selling Authors

After years on our own personal journeys each, and both coaching tens of thousands executives, entrepreneurs, and teams in conscious communication and leadership, and winning honors that include best-selling author, award-winning international speakers, and our personal favorite, “spiritual ignitors,” we came together in love and a shared mission to help women and men – like you – find the true and full expression of all that is meant for you, and that you are uniquely and authentically here to fulfill.

“We’ve invested our lives in understanding the power of words.”

Our purpose is to elevate consciousness by shifting the conversations on our planet – the conversations that happen on the inside and out. As a couple, we feel the growing urgency of bringing the power of masculine and feminine harmony and integration to light, and its imperative role in healing the planet.

And as spiritual guides and “status quo” disruptors, walking this path everyday ourselves and leading our amazing community, we know from experience that the results of living in this consciousness are juicy, liberating and truly fulfilling.

“The Harvard MBA of Conscious Communications” 

As an expert in Feminine Leadership, Tracey created and co-authored “Faces of the New Feminine Leadership” and was a top ten finalist in “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” competition. 

George has written 9 books, is a former lawyer, single dad, 2-time cancer survivor and works with some of America’s most talented entertainment industry rock stars and performers. 

Voices for Love: Our Vision

After years of being told about each other by dear friends trying to get us together, little did we know that our first date would be the start of not only our relationship, but also inspire the vision for our charitable organization. As we walked along Venice Beach on our first afternoon together, a lovely young woman approached us to give to her non-profit. Her heart was huge but her skills didn’t quite match. We decided at that moment to create a way to support  messengers like her to become more compelling in delivering their message so they could have greater impact. Today, our 501c3 Voices for Love helps messengers bring their passion projects to life to help kids, moms, animals, teachers, veterans, cancer survivors, and Mother Earth.