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He is invested, he is noble, he is smart,

“He is invested, he is noble, he is smart, he knows, and he owns his sh*t, as well. He is the man I’ll go to the battlefield again and again. To that man, I vow.”

Dionisio Ceballos~ Monumental Artist & Muralist, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker.  Mexico City, Mexico/Los Angeles, California

He is invested, he is noble, he is smart,

“He is invested, he is noble, he is smart, he knows, and he owns his sh*t, as well. He is the man I’ll go to the battlefield again and again. To that man, I vow.”

Dionisio Ceballos~ Monumental Artist & Muralist, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker.  Mexico City, Mexico/Los Angeles, California

 George is a recognized coach to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs 

for nearly three decades and has shared the marquis with inspirational greats Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy

He’s the author of 9 books, a former lawyer, single dad, two-time cancer survivor, and advisor to some of America’s most noted teachers, performers, and entertainers. Through it all, he’s learned how to transcend challenging circumstances and find joy in the journey. 

Through surviving cancer, George has seen, experienced, and taught the strategies behind the power to change your life with the words you choose, the thoughts you believe, and the feelings you maintain.

In his groundbreaking leadership and communication training programs, George sets the standard for twenty first century men to fully occupy their space and hold space for amazing women.


George is a renaissance man’s man – a biker, a lawyer, a monk, a husband, a father, a leader, a teacher, a preacher, a philanthropreneur, a “Spiritual Disruptor”, an artist, an author, and creator.  His closest brothers call him “King Maker”. His purpose is to call you out and call you up.

As a host of events for Public Television and leader of workshops and retreats from Baltimore to the Bahamas  – George has supported tens of thousands of men and women to know themselves, trust themselves, love themselves, and express themselves.

George is also the co-creator and co-host of the Prosperity Playground, a 20 minute podcast. This daily meditation enables listeners to connect to abundance and higher consciousness truth from finding a penny on the sidewalk to significant life events.   


“I’ve helped pro football players get their power back, sharpshooters find their eagle-eye, and leaders find their focus.”

With a mission to lead this generation of men to awaken the king within, and elevate and accelerate consciousness on the planet, George isn’t wasting any time.  With over 30 years of experience leading transformation and supporting men to occupy their space, it’s time the brotherhood expanded to include you!

As a two time cancer survivor, consultant to leaders and influencers around the world, as a single father, 20 year practicing attorney, elected official, and advisor to pro-athletes and C-suite leaders – George is ready to call you up! Are you ready?

“George continues to play an integral role in my personal expansion and spiritual evolution.”

George is a healer and an inspiration. He sees and speaks the Truth and in doing so, ignites the Truth living inside all of us. His knowing is strong because he continues to live his Truth. He always shows up and is always eager and open to do what must be done for his own personal transformation and the greater good of all.  I am more on purpose and in love with life today because of his example, loving support, and Divine guidance.

Rev. John Michael Maury

Author of iCanSir! and the Jumper Cables for The Soul Series

iCanSir! Finding Hope & Connection in the Cancer Experience…No Matter What!

Change your vocabulary and you change your cancer experience. Employing a new vocabulary and breakthrough method of self-discovery, you can find hope and connection in the cancer experience, regardless of the outcome.

Jumper Cables for the Soul – Little Book of Meditations

This little book is required reading for anyone who wants to begin to meditate but just can’t seem to get started. This Little Book of Meditations provides essential ingredients.

Jumper Cables for the Soul – Little Book of Chemo Meditations

Excellent meditation guide for patients undergoing chemotherapy! If you’re undergoing chemotherapy or other treatment for cancer or any other serious and life-threatening illness, this book is required reading for you!

Quitting is Not on the Menu!

This little “play” book quickly helps you identify your goals, develop a statement of Purpose and Know in your bones how to live them! This little wonder is the result of over a decade of one on one coaching with athletes, entrepreneurs, performing artists and parents!

I was here in winter.

An homage to the Greek Epics, this channeled writing tells the story of Alexander and his lament of the costs of a life spent at war. Part of a series of ‘downloaded’ tales currently unfolding through the channel that is George. The book included worksheets for leading discussions in circle with men, women and/or young adults.


I guarantee you have never experienced “training” quite like this before! If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it right! These experiences are created on-site at your location or at the off-site location of your choosing. I’ve created them for teams from the Alps to the Outback and points in between!

As a survivor of a rare form of Leukemia, I am often invited to speak internationally on topics relating to survivorship, performance athletics and bio-transformative meditation (TM). Audiences enjoy my program, iCanSir! – Finding Hope and Connection…No Matter What which includes the “8 Words That Saved My Life and Could Save Your… Life, Marriage, Business…”

Bio Transformative Meditation

Utilizing the healing power of language, combined with Time-Travel* we can practice the kind of self-responsibility that could heal ourselves and the planet

Leadership Maturation

Through the power of conscious communication, managers can truly LEAD, regardless of age or experience.

8 Words That Saved My Life

George’s most popular and requested speech that will give your audience a new framework for living a created life.


Learn how “The Inquiries” can change every aspect of your team’s dynamics