For over 20 years, I have spoken to, trained, and coached tens of thousands of women in business…

I believe the world is starving for feminine leadership and more feminine voices.

When a woman is in her power, passion and joy, there is nothing more magnificent and compelling. Whether she is on a global stage or at a dinner table, the world instantly becomes a better place. Everyone grows: other women, men, and children.

Tracey’s just a rock-star.

She’s someone I have such admiration for. It really is her life assignment to do what’s she’s doing. She’s just the best. Truly the best!”

Sandra Yancey eWomenNetwork


I have a whole new relationship

to who I am and what I offer to the world and why the world needs me.” If you have an opportunity to work with Tracey, take it! She is a ninja when it comes to getting to the heart of things and she does it in the most loving manner.”

Barbara Eisele Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach

Never before has there been such a call to become more of your true self.


As a woman, your voice, vision, and visibility matter more than ever. If you feel called to make a greater impact – whether with your family and friends, clients, colleagues or team, community or the world at large – now is your time.

It’s your consciousness – how aware, awake and aligned you are – that shapes your impact and experiences. The invitation getting louder and louder, is to AWAKEN to who you really are. To discover and share your truth and your voice. To fully embody and become who you’re really here to be.

Life is constantly giving you the opportunity to grow and become more of the real you. We have specific tools for you to work with when life is moving you towards your greatest expression and expansion…especially when it feels like things are hard or falling apart.

The tough moments can be the ones that bring you the greatest clarity, connection and congruence, so you can feel good about yourself and become the woman that you know in your heart you’re meant to be.

“I’m interested in the deeper questions, the deeper truth, and the deeper work.”

This is where most people stop… and it’s where our work begins.

As a scientist of human behavior and of what is ‘spoken and unspoken’, I love getting ‘under the hood’, knowing how you tick and what it really takes to transform lives by who you BE, what you SAY and how you show up as a leader and speaker.

It’s Time for a New Feminine Leadership.

My work is focused on integrated feminine leadership and conscious communication “from the inside out.”

I guide women to access their true heart, power, passion and purpose to be their true selves,  share their message and establish their full embodied presence on any ‘stage’ whether at home, in a boardroom, networking, with their staff or speaking from the main stage. I’ve led thousands of women on how to be aligned with their deepest truth and follow their calling so they love and lead from their hearts, and guide others to do the same.


Each woman here brings her heart, her passion, and joy, her wisdom and juiciness.

 In order to be that woman, you have to step out from the crowd and be willing to be seen. To be raw and real. Strategic and spiritual. Expansive and grounded. Inspiring and willing to dig deeper to get to the heart of the matter and not step over anything. Living your message and being a “conversation leader” means not making excuses or settling for status quo.

Your voice matters, and everything is a stage. We don’t believe it’s about flipping on a switch and becoming a certain way. Rather, it’s who you’re being all the time, wherever you go, with whomever you encounter. It’s in who you’re being, not just what you’re saying. It’s about being able to connect and to be present and authentic in all your communication and conversations. Not perfect. In process. That’s what attracts the people, money, and stages to you.

Learning to trust yourself, speak your truth, share your story, be seen, and expose yourself takes real courage.

At the forefront of Conscious Communication & Feminine Leadership, Tracey has created:

“I teach women how to better communicate and  present themselves more effectively from the stage, in meetings and with their staff in a way that demonstrates leadership and preserves femininity.”

A Local & Global Commitment

Founder of Amazing Women International Inc.

Tracey founded Amazing Women International, Inc. – the predecessor to the current Amazing International, Inc. – out of her passion for supporting women. She knew the need for women to have such a type of training and development within a safe, fun and encouraging group of other amazing women. This organization is committed to training, creating and showcasing a community of feminine leaders around the world.

Founder of Voices For The Voiceless (VFTV)

Every month, a percentage of Amazing International’s revenue goes to “Voices for the Voiceless”our 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping those who are not able to speak for themselves or are not being heard. Your voice will make a difference as you work on yourself and invest in your evolution and awakening, you help those in need. Together, WE make the world safer, kinder and more caring for the kids, animals, women, cancer survivors, and our Mother Earth.