Crafting A Message That Attracts Your Ideal Client

It is so very important to know your niche and who is your ideal client or customer.  Once that is crystal clear, you will craft your messages to that specific client audience.  By audience I mean anyone you are communicating with – in person or through social media, written advertising, emails, or any other way you are reaching out to them. You will tailor your messages to attract your ideal client. Here are some specific things to include in your messages:

  1. Who your clients are
  2. What are the top 3 problems, issues, hassles, concerns, or needs these clients have
  3. What benefits and results that solve these top 3 problems can you deliver through your products, services, or programs
  4.  An action interested individuals can take to learn more or purchase your products or services

Those four elements form the basics of all your marketing messages including how you introduce yourself; what you write on your website, emails  or blog posts, what you talk about in presentations, podcasts, workshops, or webinars; copy in advertising brochures or handouts, or any other communication aimed at attracting new clients or customers.

Sometimes, my clients tell me they don’t know exactly what are the top 3 problems or concerns are for their ideal clients.  My favorite suggestion for learning this is to ask people who are your current clients, or who fit the description of those who could potentially be your ideal clients. This can be done in a market focus group – in which you bring together a group of ideal clients or potentials and ask them what are their biggest challenges, problems, and issues.  You can also develop a survey through a simple online program to gather responses.  In addition to asking what are their big problems and challenges, ask what results they would like to see that would solve those problems, issues, or challenges – ask them what would be most helpful or useful.  And finally, while you’re asking questions, it’s also not a bad idea to ask them how much they would be willing to invest in a product or service if it solved these problems and got the results they were looking for.  With the answer to these questions you’re reading to start using the information to craft your messages and to ensure your products, programs, and services are aligned with the needs of your ideal clients.