8 Keys To Creating An Organization Infused With Leaders

If the end result of a leadership development program is to have an organizational culture that is infused with leaders, it is important to define what Leadership Infused looks like. There are 8 characteristics of a culture infused with leaders. These characteristics show evidence of successful leadership development.  However, do not make the mistake of assuming that one short course, workshop, or seminar will yield this result over night.  Infusing an organization with leaders at every level is a journey, not a destination, just as becoming a leader is an ongoing personal journey. It is a continuous endeavor for an organization to develop every employee as a leader.

  1. Every employee demonstrates leadership behaviors regardless of their job role, title, position, or level in the company.
  2. Every employee strives to be a leader by taking ownership and responsibility for his or her own behaviors and actions, and by being accountable for contributing results that benefit not only themselves, but also their coworkers, customers, organization, community and other stakeholders.
  3. Every employee focuses on solving problems, not placing blame if something does not go right the first time.
  4. Every employee can be relied upon to do whatever it takes to get their job done right while honoring the values and principles of the organization.
  5. Every employee is positive, forward focused, knowledgeable, competent, and leads by example.
  6. The organization invests in every employee to develop both their specific job-related skills and capabilities and their interpersonal and relational skills.
  7. Every employee knows the organization’s mission, values and principles, and vision for the future; and they understand their part in helping the company achieve that vision.
  8. Every employee is supported, developed, mentored, coached and empowered.

The next series of blog posts will focus on each of these eight elements, and how an organization can foster and develop these actions and behaviors.  If your organization is ready to become infused with a culture of leadership, contact me now to discuss customizing a unique leadership academy designed just for your workplace.