We’ve Been Leading Conscious Conversations & Communities for Decades

For over a combined 5 decades, we have been empowering individuals globally to consciously communicate and lead in their work, communities and relationships. Being a conversation leader requires doing the deeper work and to have the courage to go all in. To get messy in order to find your message. To embrace all of you—the fabulous and the faults—and to bring kindness to yourself. Our mission is to make the world a kinder, safer place for all beings, and it starts with you.

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If you are here, you may be searching for your true self or how to express it. You may be clear about your calling, purpose, or passion, but question how you can fulfill it. No matter where you are, we have the unique support you require to become the highest version of yourself because no one is meant to walk alone.

George & Tracey care like no other coach I have had...

I am not a number or a client like I have sometimes felt in the past – our relationship is deeper than that. They support and love their clients on a SOUL level – which has created the most amazing breakthroughs for me and to witness in others.”

Arlene Pedersen
Be Freaking Awesome

“Tracey’s just a rock-star.

Sandra Yancy
CEO, eWomen Network

We are all being called up to be Leaders in a New Paradigm – at home, at work, and in the world.

We are each here with different stories yet one message: it’s time for new conversations in our world—in business, in life, in health, in families, and in leadership.

The new paradigm requires those who are answering the call to lead to embody their highest self so we can have the capacity to hold space for others in their transformation. Being a leader in the New Paradigm is not ego-driven or a response to prove ourselves any longer. It is a journey from self-awareness to self-mastery and divine realization.

It’s time to go deeper within and find new ways to create a real impact. It’s time for new faces to show what the new conversation really looks like and sounds like.


“We each must take our own steps
and none of us are meant to walk alone.”

Tracey & George

Conscious Conversations & Conversation Leadership

Being a Conversation Leader is not just being a thought leader, but someone willing to bring forward new conversations that make a difference, conversations that leave people feeling better about themselves, feeling seen and heard, respected, empowered, and connected. We are committed to change the conversation of limitation and self-judgment, of lack and self-doubt, by doing the deeper work to be in alignment for yourself. It’s not speaking from the neck up; it’s in your heart and grounded in your body so that you can hold a space for others to grow. That’s where the real impact comes from. 

Visibility, Vulnerability,
Vision & Voice

People right now, need to hear your message from no one else other than you. We support you to trust your inner knowing so that you can confidently and clearly express your story in the service of others. 

Living your Truth:
Integrate Your Masculine & Feminine

For each of us, integrating our divine masculine and feminine means bringing out the best of both – of being soft and strong, fierce and fully expressed, responding instead of reacting to not only create alignment and harmony inside yourself but around you and honoring others in the process. It is about experiencing the range of emotions and finding strength and clarity within them to move forward. This is real power.

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”

We only partially agree with this quote from the Dalai Lama. The world will not be saved by those who are unhealed and unaware of their true voice and heart. We believe it will be saved by those who are learning to turn their pain and childhood wounds into a wand of love and
leadership while staying true to their heart – those who are willing to do the inner work to heal and bring a level of conscious awareness to what is said and the impact of their communication—verbal and nonverbal—to their presence to the world.

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