Leaders Managing Change – Analog Superheroes In A Digital World

Tracey and I were at a party on Saturday night. It was a dance party, deep in the jungle in the base of a sinkhole, next to a gorgeous Cenote (water filled cave) outside of a tiny little jungle village. Beats and bats, monkeys and dancers were bopping all around. My knee is recovering from another EDI, (Extreme Dancing Incident) so I was deep in conversation the whole night with all of the folks who were taking breaks from the epic beats.

After hours of fascinating ideas exchange and sweaty body gyrations, we called it a night. I went to bed with a rush of ideas running about my mind. Ideas of world changing systems and programs for awakening and next level transformational experiences. While I slept I dreamed of Tracey and I circumnavigating the globe leading transformational conversations with fascinating influencers, community leaders and conversation starters. Everywhere, sharing our unique brand of creating containers for powerful, often difficult conversations, our special tools for transformation, and the special sauce of our unique take on integrated leadership. In my sleep we were changing the world.

And then I woke up.

And – it seemed – the world had gone and changed itself.

After hours of joyous purpose, suddenly I felt like an analog superhero in a digital world. Curious – dubious even – about the relevance of my stand for presence, authenticity and leadership in a world soaked in sound bites.

Then, I went into my waking meditation. I sifted through the ideas I had absorbed and discussed with giant minds, big thinkers and conversation provokers the night before. And it reminded me, yes, analog minds are not only relevant in the digital world – we are needed! The Stoics knew it. The Spartans, the Athenians, the Romans knew it. There are such things as timeless wisdom. And when you’re living life well, you learn pieces of this wisdom. Sometimes a little – and sometimes a lot – at a time.

We aim to keep sharing what we’ve learned over our 50 combined years of leadership and conscious communications training and coaching. If you’re one of those folks who has an inner, burning desire to constantly learn and improve like we do, you may enjoy digesting this brief summary of our core work. We call them our Amazing Tenets.

If you’d like to dive deeper and learn how these Tenets contain the seeds of deep transformation for you in every area of your life – Physical wellbeing, Purpose and Legacy, Money, Learning, Spiritual growth, and Creative Expression I invite you to set up a Discovery Session to see if working with us would be a fit.

Come on, dust off your tights and cape. We see you. It may be a digital world but we know the world needs more of you. Now!

Always in service to your brilliant soul-purpose expression,