Why Professional Coaching Should Be Integrated Into Leadership Development Programs

coaching conversation

Business and executive coaching have been around for many decades, and those who have taken advantage of hiring a professional coach are already aware of how valuable the coaching partnership can be. However, many organizations only offer coaching for either the highest level C-suite executives, or for executives who are somehow at risk for failing or for damaging the company. An example would be a high level vice president who is overly aggressive in approach and who has been viewed as worth saving for his or her technical business skills, but who is a liability when it comes to business relationship or interpersonal skills. A coach is often invited in to help tame the abrasive executive. However, I have found that organizational leaders at all levels, and those who are transitioning in their lives, can benefit from professional leadership and life coaching.

I have started integrating my individual coaching skills as a leadership and life coach into the management, leadership, and communication workshops that are part of the leadership development programs offered by Leader Discovery. This has made a huge difference. Front-line supervisors and mid-level managers who never before had access to individual professional coaching are now able to reap some of the benefits of this valuable process.

Leadership and life coaching taps into the knowledge, experiences, and background of each person to help them dive deeper into their strengths, their barriers to effectiveness, and their unique insights and perspectives. Armed with the critical thinking that comes out of the coaching process these individuals are able to stop behaviors that are holding them back, strengthen those things they are best at, and really discover and re-ignite their passion those things they value most about their work role, their organization, their family or personal relationships, and their community. Leaders who are able to participate in these individual coaching programs are more successful at making the changes they need to be highly effective in all aspects of their work and their whole life.