Why You Will Never Reach Your Goal Without a Support System

Too many women (and many men) suffer from: Go It Alone Syndrome. They end up overwhelmed with so much to do themselves that they end up burned out, frustrated, and never achieve the results they want. The cure for this should be part of any individual growth and development system: a support system.  It is important to surround yourself with individuals who believe in you, you encourage you to make forward progress toward achieving your highest purpose. These are the people in your life who are your biggest fans and cheerleaders, who care about your success, who are positive and energetic, and who won’t let you down even when times are tough. A great support system can include people who challenge you to go further than you’ve ever gone before, and to get out of your comfort zone to explore new opportunities. Your support system should include thinking partners, advocates, brainstorming groups, and others who help you expand your thinking to additional viewpoints and opinions. Your support group must encourage change and forward movement toward the the life you want to live. A life filled with purpose, passion, and meaning.

Sadly, there are many people in our lives (ourselves included) who create barriers to learning, growing and becoming a better person. We engage in self-talk or limiting beliefs, our family members and friends sometimes tell us we’re fine the way we are and don’t need to change, and often at work it can seem as if our direct supervisors simply want us to quietly go about our daily tasks and not rock the boat by trying to stretch ourselves in different directions.  This is why it is vitally important to consciously build a supportive network of positive encouragement.  This could be in the form of friends and family who enthusiastically support the changes a person is striving for; network groups, peer advisory groups, or mastermind groups; and finally professional business, leadership, or life coaches. In my coaching practice women at pivotal and transitional points in their careers or lives hire me because they are burned out, feel unfulfilled in their careers, or have experienced upheavals that require change. So, I guide them through a proven process to reignite their passion, discover their purpose, envision and starting living a fulfilling and meaningful life. They tell me they could not have made this transformation without the support system of friends, family, peers, and coaching.