What is the Goal of a Mastermind Group?

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Mastermind groups come together for many reasons linked to what the members of the group want to get out of their professional relationship. For instance, a group of small business owners may decide they are interested solely in marketing their business. Members would then focus on sharing marketing best practices, brainstorming new ways to market, inviting marketing speakers to present, and sharing resources they have discovered.  A human resources group may be motivated to create a sounding board for substantive employee relations issues, share best practices to implement a new policy, support each other in strategic planning or talent management initiatives, as so on. This may be especially helpful for solo-practitioners who want the wisdom of many to ease the necessary but time-consuming need to research and develop programs from scratch. Another common type of group will read a book or white paper on a relevant topic, and then discuss how each of the members could put into practices the lessons learned in the assigned reading material. A group could be started for any number of reasons on a given topic. The agenda should connect members who are motivated by common needs and who are willing to both give advice and share resources, but also willing to receive feedback and advice openly and without defensiveness.