Welcome to 2017 – The Year For Impact

I just couldn’t resist publishing a newsletter style recap of my previous year in business and our plans for 2017. If you’ve been following Leader Discovery since we first started you know our first year (2015) had the theme “Achieve.” And we certainly achieved plenty of firsts and milestones that year. 2016 was our year for “Growth.” In fact we more than doubled our income while lowering our costs by a few percent this year. So, growth was definitely achieved. Our theme for 2017 is “Impact.” We are poised to impact more organizations, more individual business owners, and more lives in southern Arizona than ever before. Plus, with technology and a willingness to travel, I expect our impact to spread outside the state as well.

In 2016 we were able to serve hundreds of people through our leadership workshops, facilitated mastermind groups, coaching and consulting programs. Some highlights include a full leadership academy providing 15 workshops to supervisors and managers; presentations at three nonprofit organizations; leadership and coaching related conferences in Florida, Arizona, and California; completing my leadership and business coaching certification and signing up for a continuing education course through a well known coaching academy to keep growing as a coach for my clients. We also assisted a large school district with workshop and meeting facilitation; co-hosting two business boot camps for small, locally owned businesses, and so many more events I would bore you by listing them all.

In 2017 we are focusing on two main aspects of the business and on two very special audiences. Our first division impacts organizations by providing leadership, communication, and management workshops for supervisors and managers. Our client organizations hire me to help them transform managers into leaders through balancing the tools needed for day-in and day-out efficiency with the relationship and communication skills required to inspire, motivate, and produce transformational results. These clients create a culture of leadership that is infused throughout the entire organization.

Our second division impacts individuals who are emboldened to create and take action that impacts their businesses and their lives. We have two amazing audiences who make up these clients who hire me to help them rediscover their purpose and reignite their passion in their workplaces. Some of these clients are human resources leaders of small organizations. We affectionately refer to them as HR Department of Ones because they are usually the only HR person in their company, or they may have a small team to help them out. While our first division may be able to provide training and development or consulting services for their organization, many of these HR leaders hire me to work with them individually or in small mastermind style advisory groups. These HR Department of One leaders often feel burned out, overwhelmed, and unsupported in all they need to accomplish seemingly on their own. Our Department of One HR Rock Stars program shows them how to lead more courageously and provides a support and accountability system so they don’t have to go it alone.

The other audience for these services is made up of clients who are women entrepreneurs, small business owners, or independent business professionals. They also find they are often stuck in status quo, feeling burned out, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed, and benefit tremendously from our Emboldened You program to help them become aware of what is most important to them in business and their life. In this program, they develop a vision for the future that taps into and expands on their values and helps them create a strategic adventure in which they are continuously moving forward and achieving measurable results in their business. Plus, the program provides a support and accountability system through individual coaching or consulting and a business advisory group, so they can stop feeling they have to do it all themselves. In serving this truly exceptional group of clients, I am also privileged to have been selected as a Premier Success Coach through the national eWomen Network.

So, how will we make an even bigger impact in 2017?

  1. Through more leadership and communication workshops and consulting services for organizations who want to infuse their companies with a culture of leadership;
  2. Through enrolling HR department of one leaders in the Rock Star program;
  3. Through enrolling women entrepreneurs and independent business professionals in the Emboldened You program designed just for them.

Our weekly blog will continue to be posted at Leader Discovery, and emailed directly to our subscribers. This is where we will share information that can be used by both organizations and individuals. Plus you’ll see changes to the website in the first quarter of the year designed to highlight these programs and areas of “Impact.”

Happy New Year!