Steep Your Leadership Program Ideas for Maximum Effectiveness



Many cultures around the world have specific rituals and traditions surrounding the use and service of tea.  While I am a morning coffee drinker, and an afternoon iced tea gulper, there is something to be said about steeping tea to bring out the best flavors.  Depending on the type of tea, warmer or colder temperature water is recommended as well as different steeping times.  Of course I am ready to link this image to creating a leadership development program that works best for your organization.  Steeping can be related to taking the time to analyze where your current supervisors and managers are in their leadership journey, and comparing their current capabilities with the key leadership competencies that your organization needs.  This is no time for instant tea or for jumping to prepackaged training programs that don’t meet your company’s requirements.  Steeping the right elements for the optimal period of time will yield the best results.  When designing your leadership development program, don’t skip the step of analyzing where your current leaders are based on their background or track record as a leader, as well as on their progress and learning capabilities.  Compare this current state to the competencies percolated during your brainstorming and strategic planning sessions. Then, design your program specifically to steep the current leaders in exactly what they need, for the length of time best suited to help them develop the key leadership competencies that will get the best results for your organization.