Infuse Your Life With A Leadership Mindset


Just as an organization can become infused with a culture of leadership, individuals can develop a leadership mindset. So what does a life infused with a leadership mindset look like? Here are 7 characteristics of leaders or individuals on an aspirational leadership journey that demonstrate a life infused with leadership.

  1. Demonstrate leadership behaviors in every aspect of life such as at work, among family and friends, among peers or colleagues, in business or career dealings, and in the community.
  2. Take ownership and responsibility for your behaviors and actions. Be accountable for contributing results that benefit not only yourself, but others.
  3. Focus on solving problems, not placing blame.
  4. Show integrity by doing what you say you will do, while honoring your personal values and commitments.
  5. Be positive, forward focused, knowledgeable, competent, and lead by example.
  6. Continuously learn, develop, grow, and recognize that leaders never stop learning.
  7. Serve others and help infuse them with a leadership mindset in every aspect of their lives.