How Does Emotional Intelligence Improve Leadership?



I’ve been brushing up on my emotional intelligence research while teaching a leadership course this month.  The course is 6-weeks long and covers all aspects of leadership from theory to discovering and developing each students leadership skills to focusing on strategic change and the role of leaders in organizational change.  One of the themes that keeps coming up in class is emotional intelligence.  I find Bradberry and Greaves Emotional Intenlligence 2.0 to be a concise and very easily understood book on the subject.  It covers the four elements of EI: Self Awareness, Self Management, Other (Social) Awareness, and Relationship Management with clarity and specific strategies that can be used to develop EI in any of the areas where a person might be lacking.

Then, as I was surfing additional EI sources of information to bring to my leadership students I saw the graphic above, with it’s display of the tangible benefits to a leader of having strong emotional intelligence.  The six elements shown here could certainly be measured in order to show whether or not practicing the EI strategies leads to these six outcomes.  I may use this to challenge my students to conduct a little personal research.  That said, my broader question is are there any organizations out there who have put EI training in place, and if yes, were performance measurements gathered (before and after the training), and were there positive results?