Once you have discovered your passion, your values, and your vision of the leader you want to be in the future, the next step in creating and living a fulfilling life is to determine where you are today. A life infused with a mindset of leadership includes being grounded in the present. This helps establish and prioritize your time and efforts in designing your future. I use a wheel of life with my coaching clients and ask them to rate each aspect of their life. The example here shows common areas often selected by clients who are successful professionals, (often in transition), who are missing a sense of fulfillment in their lives. If the categories in this sample wheel don’t fit, coaching clients can change the categories to fit the priority areas of their lives.

To rate each segment of the wheel, think about a scale from 0 (the center of the wheel) to 10 (the outer rim of the wheel). The each segment is only partially colored or filled in based on the rating. So, if a segment is rated 5 out of 10 in terms of fulfillment, you would color in the first half of the segment. If a category rates an 8 out 10, then four-fifths of the segment is colored in. The finished graphic gives a visual picture of which areas of your life are most fulfilling currently.

When the wheel is completed, it represents where you are today. This is then compared with your vision of the most fulfilling life you would want in the future. A life infused by a leadership mindset is filled with purpose, passion, and meaning. Knowing where you are today compared with where you want to be in the future is the first step in choosing which areas to focus on first in moving toward becoming the person you envision. I recommend selecting only between one and three categories to work on at once. The reason for this is if too many goals are set at the same time, you become scattered and unfocused. Instead, focusing on three or fewer areas at one time helps with setting a limited number of important and challenging goals that will make an impact right away. Once a priority goal has become an ingrained habit that is an integrated part of your life, then an additional goal area from the wheel can be added if desired. All this planning may seem tedious, but it really does not take much time, and does help clients gain clarity and establish the priorities that will help them achieve the life they desire.