Does Leadership Development Pay Off?


Companies who want to cultivate a strong culture of leadership that aligns with its strategy and drives business success, must view leadership training and development programs as an investment not a cost.  Certainly this might be listed as an expense on the balance sheet, but the company culture must embrace investing in continuous growth, learning, and development of its employees at all levels.

How many times have you experienced or observed an employee who wants to learn and contribute more within an organization, yet he or she is stifled by managers who do not value growth and development enough to authorize the learning program the employee wishes to participate in. These managers are not visionary, are not focused strategically on the future of the organization, and are not supportive of a culture infused with leaders. This type of organization likely had talented supervisors and managers who were promoted based on their individual contributions to the company, yet they don’t have a clue how to lead and manage people.

The mistakes made by managers who do not value leadership development as an investment cause uninspired performance, high turnover, and maybe even lawsuits. The cure for this is to invest in interesting, engaging, energetic leadership development programs that transform managers into leaders who infuse the organization with a culture of leadership at every level.