Can a Blueprint Guide Achievement?


Before starting a large construction project, or even a remodel, a blueprint is required.  The blueprint is a plan with enough detail to guide every step of the project and ensure construction is achieved as planned.

Why is it then, that when it comes to career or personal achievement so few people create a plan for acheiving the desired outcomes?  Sometimes we have a general goal, or even better a SMART goal, but a blueprint would go further to ensure we acheive what was only dreamed before.  That is why I’m developing what I call the Achieve Blueprint for success.  I’ll be introducing the blueprint in a half-day workshop to guide participants in developing their blueprint.  Then, to ensure success in completing the plan, we’ll follow up with monthly meetings (either in person or by telephone for participants who are not local).  The monthly meetings will be to celebrate successes, encourage and support achievement, and brainstorm solutions to problems when they arise.  Everyone attending the meetings is fully invested in not only their own achievement, but also in helping the others achieve their own blueprints.   Subscribe to this blog to ensure you’re on our list to receive early bird access to this new Achieve Blueprint to Success!