Action is the Key



One of the biggest mistake people make, and I will say I have seen professional women make this mistake more often than others, is to stay in a work or life situation they are not happy with far too long. They may be feeling unfulfilled, burned out, and dissatisfied. They may think their life has no purpose or meaning and they are not making the difference in the world or their community they always wanted to make. Maybe they’ve taken the easy way or the comfortable way out for so long that they have forgotten how to take action. I call this mistake “Stuck in Status Quo.” I’ve written many blog posts about creating a life infused with a leadership mindset, yet this is difficult to achieve without becoming emboldened. Every time a person takes one tiny courageous step toward leaving their comfort zone and moving toward a life in which they take action as the leader of their own destiny, a small spark of boldness is created. After many such tiny steps toward action larger steps are possible, until finally a truly emboldened person is ready to make a leap toward their future.

Once you have discovered what is valuable to you, what your purpose in life may be, where your passions reside. Then you determine where you are today in relation to where the emboldened version of yourself would be. Finally, you design a plan to take at least one step in each area of your life toward your future vision. If you’ve set up a support system to help you stay on your forward, emboldened pathway the last step of the leadership infusion process will happen more quickly and more easily than you may have thought possible. ┬áThis last step is to take action. Take that first step based on your plan. It may be a tiny step, yet it is forward movement. It takes courage, and it creates a spark of boldness within.